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One of the Best Variations of Roulette You Can Play Online

In the past years playing the game, roulette has let you go to a casino, have a bet, get your winnings and leave the room. You are also short of different games that you can

In the past years playing the game, roulette has let you go to a casino, have a bet, get your winnings and leave the room. You are also short of different games that you can play and also the amount that you can wage on. But now they are already innovating online gambling. So you don’t have to think about going to a traditional casino. You can now have fun playing roulette online without leaving your house.

To be knowledgeable in the game of roulette

You can play the game in different contrasts by using your computer. But the question is where you need to start? Play 100 1 Roulette is the very best online casino on the internet. It has a different selection of roulette games.

Online has a range of more than 36 numbers these days. Because of online casinos that have been more developed. It now has a selection of games that can be given to the players.

European Roulette

It is a common type of roulette that you can discover online. In the traditional casinos all throughout Europe. The game has a single zero that resulted in a house edge to be at 2.7% that is the lowest of the American game.

There are also European games that have Racetrack. It has special call bets like Orphelins and Voisins Du Zero. Different European games have different graphics. Which can be seen in the free section.

American Roulette

The game is an American version that has extra slots on the wheel which is 00. Although they have the same payouts that result in the house edge being 5.26%. It is the highest of any casino games that you will ever find.

You will see this game all across the US and in high-end casinos in London. Because of its high chances in the game. You are not needed to play this other than you don’t have a choice. In online you can also play in French and European also.

French Roulette

In all roulette games, the French roulette is the kind of game that you want to play. The reason is it has the best chances for bets. It is the same in European roulette that it needs to have 0 slots. But when you lose the chance on bets your payback will be in half.

It also has the En Prison rule. This means once you bet on odd or even and the ball docks on zero you have a bigger chance that you will win your bet back.

The dealer will put your bet in prison. It will put a sign on top of your bet. When the next spin you win you will have it. But if not you will then be charged all your loss to the house. This is an interesting game that you will not see outside the French online casinos.

Play 100 1 Roulette

Mini Roulette

The game is made by online casinos. You can have it through Net Entertainment and Playtech casinos.

From its name, it is a small version of the game roulette that has 13 slots on the wheel. 6 Black, 6 Red, and one 0. Its payouts are already low and it is fun to play when you have nothing to do.

Live Roulette

Afterward, people are playing online. Many people are questioning its integrity that they might not be prepared. While they are not prepared online casinos are giving the live games to remove this.

The game is using a real table, ball, wheel, and croupier. It also has a high-quality camera connection. You see everything they are doing. You can put a bet by clicking on the table while it is a betting period before it spins the wheel.

Multi-Ball Roulette

It is the perfect game for online roulette. The multi-ball is giving you the chance to bet on the wheel together with three balls. It will let you wager on different numbers rather than one number. And your winnings will be split depending on the number of balls that are in the game.


It is a mix of Bingo and online roulette. The game has numbers that you can bet on from 1 to 10. And once the wheel is spinning the balls will be randomly picked. Which is the same in the lotto game. It will fall to the colored trays. You can have the opportunity to choose what numbers and colors you want.