Roulette – the complete history

As we all know roulette is one of the highly preferred and most popular casino games. In some region this game is also played under the name of rulet. Basically there are two different types of roulette systems. This includes European roulette and American roulette. The French roulette is considered to be the ancestor version of the European system. In the initial days, the French roulette system was considered to be more familiar when compared to that of the American system. This game was supposed to have a great craze among the mathematical geniuses. These people also loved the thrill of this gambling to a greater extent.


The earliest version of roulette was invented in 18th century in France. The most interesting fact is Blaise Pascal was the person who was responsible for creating this wheel. He invented this roulette wheel while he was attempting on perpetual motion machine. There are also many people who believe that this game was derived from Italian board games which include Biriba and Hoca. Later, various changes were done to the modern roulette game.

Game play

As mentioned above, playing this casino game will be more interesting than they sound to be. The player is supposed to place their bet on a particular number. This number is to be selected from the series of numbers in the game. In order to declare the winning number, the wheel will be rotated in a particular direction. On the other side, the ball in the wheel will start moving in the opposite direction. The ball will lose it momentum on a particular number in the wheel. They are also denoted as pockets. The pocket in which the ball gets rest will be the declared to be the winning pocket. It is to be noted that in French version there will be 37 pockets while in the American version there will be 38 pockets.

Online roulette

In current scenario, many gamblers are highly interested in playing this casino game in online. There are many exclusive roulette wheels in online which can put the gamblers into great excitement. Beast of the casino website like Monopolycasino can be used in order to play these games without involving any hassles. The online roulette wheels are also mentioned in many different names depending upon the casino website. There are also free games which do not involve real bet. These kinds of casino games are specially designed for the beginners.

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