How to play dominoqq? Guide for beginners

Domino qq is one of the popular poker games which is also known as qui qui. This game resembles the Chinese game Pai Gow and is a popular game in Indonesia. Few think that the game is confusing and is not easy to play. But once they understand the game, they can play the game using all the tricks. It will be fun filled game which is more addicting. If you are eager in understanding how to play the game, go through the guide for more helpful resource. Basics are the important points to consider in this game. Those basics will make the player to understand how to play the game easily.

To start playing the Dominoqq game, you need to find right site to play. With the advent of online gambling site, you can be able to find many poker sites. Among those various sites, you can find the right site to your game play. For finding the site, you need to make few research works. This game resembles all other poker but this game needs game token which are free. This means the game needs token instead of real cash. Being a beginner, we should be able to figure out the secured site that has easy registration process. Actually there are few sites that provides bonus during registration. Every game has a set of rule to play. Likewise dominoqq is also designed to play with few set of rules.

For beginners, the game can be played with 28 double six dominoes cards. These are cards are thrown away on the table as the sign of wear and play. Player needs to drop the amount into the box before playing with the cards. The betting amount is not fixed to particular value. The amount varies based on the place and players. Once the player drops the betting amount, they need to deal with dominoes. Looking at the dominoes, player has to perform any of the below points listed.

  • If there is no bettor, player can only bet
  • If there is any previous bettor, player can call
  • If there is any previous bettor, player can raise
  • If there is any previous bettor, player can fold

Starting of the game, player will deal with three dominoes. If there is not bettor after a player bets, then the player can take the pot. Player need not have to show the hand in the game. If there is more than one bet, then players who all have not folds should deal with fourth card. After dealing with the fourth car, the players are taken to the final round. Players those who have not shown fold should show hands in final round. The top ranking player will win the round and can the winning amount.

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